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ECAN Solutions - Game Servers
Cerrar bloque  Game Servers
We can provide hosting for any Linux based game servers:

Already Priced Services include:

Counter Strike: Source$1.49 per slot12 Slot Minimum
Counter Strike 1.6 $1.49 per slot12 Slot Minimum
America's Army $1.49 per slot12 Slot Minimum
America's Army: Honor $3.99 per slot10 Slot Minimum
Team Fortress 2$1.49 per slot12 Slot Minimum
Left 4 Dead
$1.99 per slot
L4D is only 8 slots
Other FPS Game Servers $1.79 per slot avg
Private Ragnarok Online* $45 for 100 players $10 for each extra 50
 Private WoW Servers*$50 for 50 players
$50 for each extra 100

ECAN Solutions provides webhosting FREE with all game server accounts!! What you see above is what you pay for everything you need for your server and gaming community!!

We also know that you will not get the level of service or quality of service we provide. Larger providers are infamous for squeezing as many game servers as possible onto their application servers. Why? Because they care about your dollar, thats it. Here at ECAN Solutions, we care about you and giving you what you pay for. You pay for a game server thats always fast and responsive and not stuck on an overcrowded server, and that is exactly what we will give you!!

If you do not see the game server you are interested in above, please contact us for a personalized quote. We are able to provide hosting for ANY Linux based game server!!!

Due to the individual attention we like to show each customer please contact us for more information and to order.

*Please note that private RO and WoW servers can only be used for testing/development/educational purposes. It is against our Terms of Service to host either of these services in a non-private testing/development/educational capacity.

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