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Title: Time Saving Shortcuts
Post by: mwestfall on September 24, 2008, 08:50:46 PM
Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts.

*Undo the last operation  -=- Ctrl + Z
*Redo the last operation  -=- Ctrl + Y
*Cut to clipboard                -=- Ctrl + X  -or- Shift + Delete (Del)
*Copy to clipboard             -=- Ctrl + C  -or- Ctrl + Insert (Ins)
*Paste from clipboard       -=- Ctrl + V   -or- Shit + Insert (Ins)
*Select All                            -=-  Ctrl + A
*Show Help                         -=-  F1
*Save (most applications)  -=- Ctrl + S
*Print (most applications) -=- Ctrl + P
*Reload / Refresh data      -=-  F5

*Move cursor to start of line -=- Home
*Move cursor to end of line  -=- End
*Cursor to beginning of doc -=- Ctrl + Home
*Cursor to end of document -=- Ctrl + End
*Previous Word                       -=- Ctrl + <-- (Left Arrow)
*Next Word                               -=- Ctrl + --> (Right Arrow)
*** Note that you can hold Shift with all of these operations and select the text from your cursor's current position to the destination as outlined above.

*Delete word after cursor     -=- Ctrl + Delete
*Delete word before cursor -=- Ctrl + Backspace

*Switch to next application window          -=- Alt + Tab
*Switch to previous application window  -=- Shift + Alt + Tab

*Switch some applications in and out of full screen mode -=- F11 (Function key 11)

*Minimize all windows and show Desktop -=- Windows Key (The one with windows symbol) + D
*Open Windows Explorer                               -=- Windows Key + E
*Run a program                                                -=- Windows Key + R
*Search for a file                                               -=- Windows Key + F

*Create a new tab  -=- Ctrl + T
*Close current tab  -=- Ctrl + W
*Go to next tab         -=- Ctrl + Tab
*Go to previous tab -=- Ctrl + Shift + Tab
*** Note that these may or may not work in your tabbed application

*Pull up the Start menu (same as clicking on the Start or "Orb" in Vista -=- Windows Key

*Copy a screenshot to Clipboard -=- PrintScreen (Sometimes Ctrl + Printscreen may be required)

*Copy a screenshot of the active application window -=- Alt + PrintScreen

*Lock workstation -=- Windows Key + L

We included the short cuts that we find most useful for Windows operating systems, you can find an even more expansive list, and for more operating systems at the following URL: